Some Mountains and Some Bikes

The finish is quite nice though. Jump over a couple rocks and turn to the right. Go through a large tunnel under the highway and dive straight into the river. From there you can let the cool muddy sweep you away and enjoy your secondary vacation through the Grand Canyon where you’ll never be seen again… (which is what Luke tried to do the day before when we were swimming across to the other bank and both his legs cramped! yikes) Or don’t and ride the last 6 miles back to town in a race to beat the clock so the bike shop doesn’t charge you an extra $25 for being late returning your rental bike.

Everyone was completely pooped so we ate some pizza, packed up the camping gear and went home.

I left out a lot. There is only so much you can put down in writing. I guess you have to be there if you want those details. Sorry?


Friends and Music

One of the things I'm most excited about in expanding the focus of Hidden is the opportunity to document different types of adventure and community than just BMX or skating. I'm pumped to share the first little music-collab from last night. This was in no way planned or even a project I had hoped to do. I showed up to a house party and was greeted by some friends playing some great music. I ran out to my car, grabbed my camera and just hit record. No warm ups, no lighting, not even an off camera mic... just documenting some incredibly talented people. 

Here are two of the songs. 

I want to thank the wonderfully gifted people who let me capture these moments last night:
Matt Chancey, Stephanie Cruz, Castwell Fider Jr., Jesse Pollom and Caroline Tatum. You guys rule and it was such a pleasure getting to meet y'all, share in and capture some of this night.