Joey happens to be the only skateboarder on the team. Our friendship goes back to the start of a ministry at our church called SkateChurch. Joey was one of the first kids to step foot through the doors, if not the very first. Joey began coming over 5 years ago, and has since given his life to Christ and grown into an incredible man of God, and we are truly blessed with his friendship.  

While he may be the only skater on the team, he seriously holds it down. Joey is one of the most technical skaters I've ever seen in person, and it's a real treat watching him push himself for hours on an impossible trick, and then roll way clean. Filming may take a coon's age, but it's always a good time. Quality time.  

Joey is also one of those people who's talent almost makes you sick. Anything he tries, he's an immediate success at (sans surfing), and it's just crazy to see. This past year he has tried his hand at spoken word poetry, rapping and guitar. All of which he had a newfound passion for and is progressing at all of them at an insane pace. It's awesome to see him using all of these gifts as much as he can for the Lord. Giving back to the giver of all good things.