The Sheridan Scoop

As mentioned in the last post, Josh, Dan Miller and myself recently had the incredible opportunity to go to Sheridan Wyoming as a SkateChurch Mission trip to help out with a few things to grab the attention of some kids, build relationships and point them to Jesus!

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Click on any Image to enlarge. Photos by Cameron and Dan Miller.

When we arrived, one of the local churches had supplied us with all the lumber and materials to build some killer ramps for the downtown event over the weekend. Here Josh and Logan are building the skeleton for one of quarters. 

Jared is one of the SkateChurchSLC leaders. Jared has an impressive beard. What's even more impressive is Jared's love for God, life, people and serving. It was an honor serving with this dude. 

We gave some of the dudes the task of making stencils? Drayke was stoked. 

Jared helps Pete in the barn where we built the ramps. Pete was the oldest guy on the trip, and we all quickly became big fans of Pete. Pete also has an impressive beard, and might also be an engineering genius. 

I'm pretty sure this kid had never jumped a box jump before. Local shredder. 

We setup a little repair shop to help the kids get their bikes a bit less loose and scary. 

It's no secret that Josh makes bike riding look good. 

Overview of our street they blocked off for us. Such a great time. 

This is James. James LOVES. I'm pretty sure he would skate 24/7 if sleep wasn't a necessity. 

We also had the opportunity to go to the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. They had a reeeeeeally jacked up and trashed skatepark that the community had put in years before but hadn't been touched in a couple of years. We cleaned it up, got it running again and got to ride with some cool kids. 

This is Tanner, a local Crow Indian kid who said he "used to skate." After 15 minutes of warming up on a SkateChurchSLC board, he was throwing down. So stoked. 

I can't explain how good it feels to finally be throwing stuff after that time off my bike because of my ankle. It's still not 100% but it will finally let me do these!

Josh Jost. Always clicked. 

The ramps packed up and headed back to Sheridan. 

All in all it was a fantastic time. Thanks so much to the local churches and K-Life youth ministry for having us out! The best news of all is that one of the SkateChurchSLC kids gave his life to Christ on the trip, in addition to a few local kids! Praise God for such a sweet time and changing lives in the process!